Knowledge is not power. Knowledge is only potential power. - Action is power. 

Tony Robbins


We offer 'thinking out of the box' social media (advertising) strategies for brands, companies, actors and projects. And we do professional networking. - All for the purpose of making your visions happen.

We take action to spread your values

to people you want to be your (new) customers / clients / investors / business partners. We always see the big picture for an individual strategy. With a stringent focus on successful execution we increase the visibility of your values. And in case you feel insecure about your (core) values, we offer professional solutions to define your uniqueness.

We take action to launch your ideaS to the market

because only action gains satisfaction. Whether you need a concept evaluation / a communication strategy / a partner who shares your vision / a sponsorship / a product placement oportunity or simply a project management – with a maximum of flexibility we turn your creative idea into viable business.

We focus on the power of social media (advertising)

because that’s been daily business for Stefan since more than a decade. Stefan's profession in this field is one of our most valuble resource. See below a listing of some brands / companies Stefan has worked for. And scroll down to read, why even you ...

...should focus on the power of social media (advertising) – especially if you belong to those who still have doubts about it. ;-)

We rely on our powerful network

It’s a gift to know a lot of people from a huge range of different market sectors. It’s a blessing to rely on a broad expertise of partners who are located all over the world. But what is truly priceless:

to rely on sympathic personalities and even on their reliable networking partners and doing a successful business with joy.

It’s the execution of ideas that seperate the sheeps from the goats.

Sue Crafton


Social media communication has become standard practice for companies / brands, self-employed persons and artists. - Social media advertising is one of the most popular state-of-the-art marketing tool.


More than half of the world’s population uses the internet. Nearly 3.8 billion people are online each day with a persistent growth.

People use social media for nearly every part of their lives. Almost everywhere and around the clock - but mainly by choice as a pasttime and therefore in a kind of relaxed virtual get-together atmosphere.

Do you already use the opportunity to transport your values to (future) customers / business partners / investors, when they are particularly receptive to inspiration, innovation, information and solutions?

Click for some current social media facts
illuminating the importance of
social media communication

You need us

if you don’t want to waste money in inefficient communication strategies (any more).

if you already use social media, but don’t get the results you’re looking for

if you need fresh ’thinking out of the box’ strategies for generating content / impactful social media activities to make people talk about it.

if you want to delegate your social media activities for the purpose of saving your time and resources.

if you need funding support / an investor/ a sponsorship.

if you’re looking for product placement options.

Don’t miss your chance
to boost your business
with a highly effective method that is measurable.

A mediocre idea that generates enthusiasm will go further than a great idea that inspires no one. 

Mary Kay Ash


We are fluid. We are a network of freelancers who join Stefan Munko, the founder & CEO of Rosegarden Consulting, depending on each project’s specific needs.


fine food & drinks lover / design & art appreciator / culture enthusiast / synergizing & networking specialist / innovation observer / technology geek / digital marketing strategist / thinker of fresh ’out of the box’ social media (advertising) strategies / best practice passionist

Stefan, origin from Berlin, studied business economics & communication science. He started his first own business in cooperation with 2 friends before receiving his university degree.

When moving to Hamburg he sold his company shares and started to work for several well-known companies
such as lately for Twitter Inc.

As employee he was developing, implementing and coordinating brand PR & communication strategies using Social Media. Intertemporal he also counseled start-ups as a freelance when he got affected by their ideas.

His heart beats for innovation and bold ideas.
His greatest pleasure is spreading the individual value of a venture / an idea / a personality by harnessing the potential of social media.

Stefan is a ’man of the first social media hour’ – as a user and also as a marketing strategist.

Stefan Munko

Stefan Munko

I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones. 

John Cage


Have a look on some of the brands / companies Stefan has worked for. There are some, we haven’t listed here. Just drop us a line to find out more.


(as employee / partially as freelance)

Deutsche Telekom / Sony Entertainment / Sony Mobile / Campari / Ford / Direct Line / Klosterfrau / Möbel Höffner / Grillcamp Hamburg / dropbox / Lufthansa / Swisscom / Deutsche Bank / Commerzbank / Deutscher Sparkassen- und Giroverband / Accor Hotels / Techniker / e.on / comdirect Bank 


Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg / ratingwissen, Hamburg / zenobi, Berlin (as owner) / MAVENS, Hamburg (as employee / esome advertising technologies, Hamburg (as employee) / Jörg Hildebrand, Kayhude / first energy, Kassel / Rampenpfau Medien GmbH / Klärungsraum, Hamburg / Car2Ad, Berlin / Twitter (as employee) / MSL Group / TLGG (as employee) / MediaCom (as employee)


Franziska Nylén, Berlin / Julia Helbich, Bremen / Yvonne Maria Schäfer, New York / Preity Üpala, Los Angeles / COHEN SISTERS entertainment, Berlin / Christoph Oro, Cannes / Turid Müller, Hamburg / Liliana Wysocki, Hamburg

If you can't do great things, do small things in a great way. 

Napoleon Hill


Let's meet for lunch / a coffee / a beer / a walk - and talk!

I’d love to meet you to discuss your ideas or your venture and the challenges and potential of it. Let’s find out which strategies, which potential collaborations and which actions will raise your chance to succeed.

Do you have any questions beforehand? – Just give us a shout. Feel free to drop us a few lines or simply call us.